Is Wisconsin DHS/DNR saying “trust us” on Molybdenum?

A rare move these days – the Wisconsin Department of Health Services and Department of Natural Resources moved to relax a drinking water standard yesterday.  A joint press release announced that the previous state standard of 40 ug/L was being revised upwards to 90 ug/L.  They gave no discussion of the decision process that led to the  revision.  

Realistically – given the uncertainties and safety factors involved  – there probably is not a lot of difference in the reliability of the two numbers.  The WHO standard splits the difference at 70 ug/L.  But to put out a press release revising the standard upwards – in this day and age – without any mention of the science involved.  Wow!



About SteveRhode

I am a career scientist with over 25 years of experience in environmental testing. I hope you enjoy my occasional comments on science and history, and how they are covered in the media.

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